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Toto CST454CEFG-01 Drake II Toilet

Toto CST454CEFG-01 Drake II Reviews

Save up to 20% more water with each flush after visiting the toilet with the Toto CST454CEFG-01 Drake II Toilet that delivers outstanding flushing performance for efficient operation overall. This best Toto toilet features Double Cyclone Flushing System that makes use of two powerful nozzles (instead of rim holes) to create a forceful centrifugal action to scour bowl and rim efficiently as well as push significant amount of water into the siphon to activate it so as to pull waste matter efficiently and together with the larger 2-1/4″ computer-designed trapway used to remove far larger mass (than standard 2″ trapway), you’ll experience cleaner toilet bowl with each flush (while using just 1.28 gallons of water per flush) without any clogging at all that makes for extreme satisfaction overall. What’s excellent about the Toto CST454CEFG-01 Drake II toilet is that its vitreous china bowl and tank are glazed with ion additives inside and outside so as to achieve super-smooth SanaGloss surface to prevent bacteria, mildew, mold and particles from adhering or forming for easier cleaning (without using expensive chemicals) for years of trouble-free use and for added convenience, it’s ADA-compliant for easier sitting without straining the knees and comes with an elongated bowl to rest leg comfortably. For homeowners that want to save more while expecting excellent cleaning results nevertheless, the Toto CST454CEFG-01 Drake II toilet delivers superb flushing action using less water in the process.


1) Comes with dual-flush system to remove liquid and solid waste efficiently.
2) Incorporates Double Cyclone flushing action technology provided by two horizontal outlets at the back of the rim to deliver powerful but little 1.28 gpf of water to rinse bowl completely of waste.
3) Inside bowl glazed with SanaGloss for cleaner and sanitized surface at all times.
4) Seat height is 17-1/4″ tall (complies with ADA regulations) hence comfortable for most people to sit.
5) Slow-closing lid used makes for quieter closing after use.
6) Tank holds half full of water each time to minimize condensation inside.
7) Variable flushing ability (need to hold handle longer to activate swirling flush longer) for different rinsing requirements.
8) Water refills quickly in just 20 seconds after flushing for faster second flush.


1) Bowl and tank extend out all the way hence might hit the wall during installation.
2) Bowl designed in such a way that it sprays water all over under the seat.
3) Does not come with a seat hence need to buy one separately.
4) Fairly loud during flushing hence will disturb people at night or early morning.
5) Tank cover sits loosely on top of the tank hence can be displaced if mishandled.


Toto CST744SG-01 Drake Toilet

Toto CST744SG-01 Drake Reviews

It’s always easy to remove waste completely with each flush with the Toto CST744SG-01 Drake Toilet that’s built for performance to deliver excellent cleaning action for utmost satisfaction. This best rated toilet from Toto incorporates G-Max Jet-Flushing Action featuring bigger 3-inch flush valve (125% wider compared to standard 2-inch flush valve) to release 1.6 gallons of water in mere seconds to the bowl to clean it with ruthless efficiency and to initiate strong siphon action to pull bulk matter quickly and together with large 2-1/8-inch computer-designed, fully-glazed trapway used to remove far larger mass without clogging whatsoever, nothing will be left behind which makes for cleaner toilet experience with each flush. What’s great about this Toto CST744SG-01 Drake toilet is that both bowl and tank are glazed with SanaGloss (catalyzed ion additives) inside out to achieve extremely-smooth surface so that bacteria, debris, mildew, mold and particles will not adhere or grow there hence making it easier to clean and keep it clean longer and for added convenience, comes with an elongated bowl to provide extra leg room to rest legs for comfort hence using it to relieve oneself will always be a pleasant experience. For exceptional bulk flushing that removes waste without leaving a trace, the Toto CST744SG-01 Drake toilet makes it all possible.


1) Installs easily with clear and concise instructions provided so almost anyone with basic plumbing skills can do it so no need to call a plumber to install one.
2) Sprayed with SanaGloss finish (ion barrier glazing to resist debris and minerals buildup) so it’s easier to keep both exterior and interior surfaces clean with light wiping and normal flushing respectively.
3) Incorporates powerful G-Max Flushing System to jet out 1.6 gallons of water with each flush to clear away large amount of waste (up to 900 grams) without much problems for a cleaner bowl each time.
4) It’s a water-efficient toilet since it uses just 1.6 gallons of water for a complete flushing experience hence water bills every month will always be low.
5) Features large 3-inch flush valve and flapper to enable large amount of water to flush out from the tank to the bowl quickly (yet quietly) and together with the wider 2-1/8-inch fully-glazed trapway used to move bigger waste smoothly, less clogging will occur.
6) Although it’s a single-flush toilet, there’s a quick-flush and full-flush (need to hold the lever for a few seconds) options to remove liquid and solid waste respectively for water-saving purposes.
7) Elongated bowl ensures that there will be large enough space to rest thighs comfortably for all and also bigger target area to aim urine for boys and men.


1) Does not come with flange bolts and wax ring thus need to purchase them separately at a hardware store prior to installation.
2) Flushing does not remove completely waste that drops and sticks to the sides of the bowl above the water line hence may need additional flushing(s).
3) Opening at bottom of bowl is trapezoid-shaped hence if clogging occurs, a normal round plunger will not be able to fit inside to unclog waste stuck inside.
4) Normal water level is low hence not all waste will drop straight into the water which means not all waste will be removed in a single flush.
5) Need to hold down the lever handle for at least 5 seconds for full flushing to occur or else flapper will just release 1 gallon of water which may not be enough to clear solid waste.


Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Toilet

Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Reviews

Flushing down waste completely after each toilet session is absolutely no problem for the Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Toilet that’s all about flushing power for satisfying results beyond comparison. This top rated toilet from Toto incorporates Double Cyclone Flushing System featuring dual-nozzle (instead of rim holes) water propulsion system to create a strong centrifugal action for a cleaner bowl and rim wash as well as to allow for more water to be directed to the siphon plus with 2-1/4-inch computer-designed trapway used for larger bulk waste removal, waste will be cleared cleanly from the bowl with each flush (while using just 1.28 gallons of water per flush) that makes for better toilet hygiene while experiencing no clogging whatsoever for utmost satisfaction. What’s fantastic about this Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II toilet is that its ceramic china is coated with catalyzed ion inside out to obtain super-smooth SanaGloss glaze surface to inhibit growth and sticking of bacteria, debris, mold and particles for durability to last a lifetime and easier cleaning (without the need to use chemicals) using less water each time and for added satisfaction, includes lid and comfortable SoftClose seat that’s constructed of high-gloss, high-impact polypropylene plastic (for resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents) utilizing built-in SoftClose hinge system to lower seat down to the bowl quietly and softly thereby eliminating “Toilet Seat Slam” to reduce injury. For efficient waste removal that cleans everything without leaving any trace behind, the Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II toilet offers the perfect solution without doubt.


1) It’s an ADA-height toilet and as such 2 inches higher than a normal toilet hence most ideal for disability, elderly and taller people to sit on and get off comfortably without putting too much strain on the knees.
2) It’s a one-piece toilet so it is easy to install (just need to tighten the flange bolts at the base) hence anyone can do it without experiencing any problem at all.
3) Features SanaGloss surface to prevent growth of bacteria, mildew and mold hence it’s easy to keep both exterior as well as interior surfaces clean for hygienic experience overall.
4) Elongated bowl provides more room for anyone to rest their thighs comfortably during sitting plus it also provides a bigger area for boys and men to aim for the bowl on target.
5) Incorporates Double Cyclone Flushing System that uses two nozzles to provide the powerful centrifugal force needed to clean bowl and rim thoroughly without leaving any waste behind.
6) It’s a very efficient toilet in the sense that it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush thus you will definitely see significant savings in water bills each and every month.
7) Tank refills fast after flushing thus need to wait for about 10 to 15 seconds only to use it again.
8) Incorporates Double Cyclone Flushing System that makes use of two powerful nozzles to create a strong centrifugal force that sucks waste away from the bowl for a truly through washing without clogging with each flush.
9) Since it’s a one-piece toilet, it’s much easier to clean since there will be no leak between tank and bowl to worry about.
10) Comes with SoftClose elongated seat which uses air cushioned springs to prevent accidental and intentional slamming by kids and adults alike after using the toilet.
11) Flushes quietly hence no need to worry about disturbing anyone in the house at anytime of the day especially at night when most are sleeping peacefully.


1) Does not come with wax seal thus have to get it at a hardware store before installing it.
2) It’s quite heavy at 99 pounds hence difficult to carry up the stairs to install in bathrooms.
3) It has a slightly bigger footprint hence smaller bathrooms might find it a little big to accommodate it.
4) Tank lid is narrow hence cannot put much items on top for bathroom use.


Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Toilet

Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Reviews

For an easier way to remove waste completely without leaving anything behind, the Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Toilet is all about efficiency to get the job done quickly without much problem. This highly-rated toilet from Toto incorporates G-Max Flushing System featuring extra-wide 3-inch flush valve to jet out powerful 1.6 gallons of water per flush to the bowl quickly for efficient cleaning and initiate powerful siphon action to pull waste down efficiently plus with the use of wider 2 1/8-inch fully-glazed trapway, you can rest assure that waste will be eliminated cleanly each time without worrying about clogging. What’s marvelous about this Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax toilet is that its bowl and tank are glazed inside out with catalyzed ion to create super-smooth SanaGloss surface that acts as a barrier so that bacteria, debris, mildew, mold and particles will not grow or stick there hence cleaning will always be easy (without using expensive chemicals) and for added comfort, comes with lid, molded bumpers and high-gloss, high-impact polypropylene plastic SoftClose seat incorporating built-in SoftClose hinge system so that seat will be lowered down gently and quietly towards the bowl thus there will be no such thing as “Toilet Seat Slam” that makes for satisfying toilet experience each time. For a quicker way to keep the toilet clean each and every time after use, the Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax toilet is definitely the way to go.


1) Constructed of high gloss polypropylene for resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents to keep toilet clean, especially below the waterline.
2) Easier to keep clean since it’s a one-piece toilet hence no need to worry about leaking between bowl and tank.
3) Elongated bowl design allows for more freeplay when urinating.
4) Incorporates G-Max’s siphon jet flushing action to deliver powerful 1.6 gpf of water to rinse clean bowl of waste completely.
5) Incorporates SoftClose smart seat technology which lowers the seat down to the bowl gently and quietly.
6) Installs easily without much problem since it’s a one-piece toilet.
7) Quiet during flushing so will not disturb anyone.


1) Bottom of the bowl is trapezoid-shaped, not round hence plunger does not fit seamlessly for it to work efficiently during clogging.
2) Clogs easily especially if the waste is big and hard.
3) Normal water level is low hence if there is large hard waste, time will not soften the waste hence flushing will not remove it.
4) Tank lid not molded to fit on top of the tank but uses Velcro on both sides to fit them together hence not really secure.