Kohler K-3609 Cimarron Toilet

Kohler K-3609 Cimarron Reviews

For best-in-class toilet bowl cleaning that removes waste cleanly without a trace, the Kohler K-3609 Cimarron Toilet is all about performance to deliver complete satisfaction. This high-quality toilet from Kohler features Class Five flushing technology that offers tremendous water volume flow per unit time to the bowl for high-performance cleaning action and together with the canister flush valve that provides smooth flushing actuation using optimal water usage of 1.28 gallons per flush each and every time as well as incorporation of larger trapway for easier bulk removal, waste will be cleared quickly and completely in the process with virtually zero chance of clogging whatsoever. For utmost convenience, the Kohler K-3609 Cimarron toilet features Exclusive DryLock System that makes it so easy to install it without needing professional help whatsoever plus with optimal seat height that makes it simple for people of all ages to sit and stand up, relieving oneself will be a satisfying experience each time. The Kohler K-3609 Cimarron toilet comes in two-piece construction incorporating elongated bowl meant for standard 12″ rough-in. For efficient waste cleaning that leaves nothing behind, the Kohler K-3609 Cimarron toilet offers the complete solution.


1) Flushes fairly quiet hence no need to worry about waking up family members when using the toilet late at night to do business.
2) Features AquaPiston technology
4) It’s a water-efficient toilet since it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush to clean bowl without a trace hence high water bills will be a thing of the past.
5) Refills quickly after each flush hence need not wait long to flush again if required.
6) It’s a Comfort Height toilet which means it has a higher seat than standard thus ideal for most adults and elderly with weak knees to get on and off comfortably.
7) Flushes powerfully to remove waste completely.
8) Elongated bowl offers comfort and extra leg space
9) The light-touch canister flush requires less force to actuate than a flapper.


1) Does not come with a seat hence have to buy separately which costs about $50 which adds to total cost.
2) Rim height is a little bit higher than normal thus shorter adult and children will find it a little bit uncomfortable to sit on and get off.
3) Elongated bowl sticks out further outward hence not so ideal for small bathrooms with limited space.
4) Bowl opening at the bottom is elongated and not round hence difficult to find a plunger that accommodates this opening which means clogging will be a problem since not able to plunge.


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