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For outstanding toilet bowl cleaning that leaves nothing to chance, it has to be the Kohler K-3810 Santa Rosa Toilet that’s designed for pure performance to achieve desired results effortlessly. This highly-rated toilet from Kohler incorporates Class Five flushing technology featuring large 3-1/4-inch canister flush valve to jet out extremely high water volume flow per unit time from the tank to the bowl for efficient cleaning as well as to initiate strong siphon to pull waste forcefully plus with larger 2-1/8-inch trapway used for larger mass removal, nothing will be left behind after each flush and certainly no clogging will be experienced as well that makes for complete satisfaction each time. What’s superb about the Kohler K-3810 Santa Rosa toilet is its efficiency since it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush to save close to 16,500 gallons in a year plus with Comfort Height (chair-height) feature that offers extreme comfort to the knees with each visit and compact elongated bowl for comfortable leg rest, relieving oneself will definitely be a pleasant experience no doubt. Comes in one-piece construction with standard 12″ rough-in. When you want a toilet that removes everything after each use for better hygiene purposes, the Kohler K-3810 Santa Rosa toilet does its job perfectly.


1) It’s a Comfort Height toilet hence most adults and especially the elderly and the ones with knee problems will find that it’s comfortable to sit on it when relieving themselves.
2) Elongated bowl and seat offers lots of sitting room for thighs to rest on and as such provides comfort to anyone sitting down. Additionally, it also offers a larger opening for boys and men to shoot their urine on target.
3) It’s a water-efficient toilet since it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush which means that you will save up to 16.5K gallons of water per year which is a lot.
4) Incorporates Class Five Flushing System that delivers exceptionally powerful flushing to get rid of large amount of solid waste in one gulp for best-in-class bowl cleanliness.
5) Tank refills fast without much waiting so need not wait long to perform second and/or third flushing when required.
6) Although it’s a single-flush toilet, you can save water even further by pushing down the lever and letting it go which delivers just 0.5 gallons of water meant for light flushing to clear away liquid waste.
7) It’s a one-piece toilet with seamless tank and bowl design so it’s easy to clean and keep it clean. Moreover, with no seal leak to worry about between the tank and bowl, maintenance will be so much easier.
8) It’s compact with little footprint so ideal for most bathrooms, big or small.


1) Does not come with a wax ring hence need to purchase it separately before installing it.
2) Flushing is a little bit noisy because of the strong sucking power hence might wake up family members nearby when using it in the middle of the night.
3) As it’s a Comfort Height toilet, kids and shorter people will find that their feet will dangle and not touch the ground during sitting.
4) Plastic seat provided is not of the SoftClose type hence you might hear slamming from time to time.
5) Have to push the lever all the way down and hold it there for a few seconds for all the water in the tank to gush down or else smaller amount of water will be released which may not be enough to clear bulky waste cleanly.
6) It comes with a narrow tank lid hence does not offer much room to put additional toiletries such as toilet paper to sit on it.
7) It’s a one-piece toilet weighing about 102 pounds hence quite heavy to move it up the stairs to install. Better get a partner to carry it together so that you would not sprain your back.


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