Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Toilet

Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Reviews

Flushing down waste completely after each toilet session is absolutely no problem for the Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II Toilet that’s all about flushing power for satisfying results beyond comparison. This top rated toilet from Toto incorporates Double Cyclone Flushing System featuring dual-nozzle (instead of rim holes) water propulsion system to create a strong centrifugal action for a cleaner bowl and rim wash as well as to allow for more water to be directed to the siphon plus with 2-1/4-inch computer-designed trapway used for larger bulk waste removal, waste will be cleared cleanly from the bowl with each flush (while using just 1.28 gallons of water per flush) that makes for better toilet hygiene while experiencing no clogging whatsoever for utmost satisfaction. What’s fantastic about this Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II toilet is that its ceramic china is coated with catalyzed ion inside out to obtain super-smooth SanaGloss glaze surface to inhibit growth and sticking of bacteria, debris, mold and particles for durability to last a lifetime and easier cleaning (without the need to use chemicals) using less water each time and for added satisfaction, includes lid and comfortable SoftClose seat that’s constructed of high-gloss, high-impact polypropylene plastic (for resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents) utilizing built-in SoftClose hinge system to lower seat down to the bowl quietly and softly thereby eliminating “Toilet Seat Slam” to reduce injury. For efficient waste removal that cleans everything without leaving any trace behind, the Toto MS604114CEFG-01 Ultramax II toilet offers the perfect solution without doubt.


1) It’s an ADA-height toilet and as such 2 inches higher than a normal toilet hence most ideal for disability, elderly and taller people to sit on and get off comfortably without putting too much strain on the knees.
2) It’s a one-piece toilet so it is easy to install (just need to tighten the flange bolts at the base) hence anyone can do it without experiencing any problem at all.
3) Features SanaGloss surface to prevent growth of bacteria, mildew and mold hence it’s easy to keep both exterior as well as interior surfaces clean for hygienic experience overall.
4) Elongated bowl provides more room for anyone to rest their thighs comfortably during sitting plus it also provides a bigger area for boys and men to aim for the bowl on target.
5) Incorporates Double Cyclone Flushing System that uses two nozzles to provide the powerful centrifugal force needed to clean bowl and rim thoroughly without leaving any waste behind.
6) It’s a very efficient toilet in the sense that it uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush thus you will definitely see significant savings in water bills each and every month.
7) Tank refills fast after flushing thus need to wait for about 10 to 15 seconds only to use it again.
8) Incorporates Double Cyclone Flushing System that makes use of two powerful nozzles to create a strong centrifugal force that sucks waste away from the bowl for a truly through washing without clogging with each flush.
9) Since it’s a one-piece toilet, it’s much easier to clean since there will be no leak between tank and bowl to worry about.
10) Comes with SoftClose elongated seat which uses air cushioned springs to prevent accidental and intentional slamming by kids and adults alike after using the toilet.
11) Flushes quietly hence no need to worry about disturbing anyone in the house at anytime of the day especially at night when most are sleeping peacefully.


1) Does not come with wax seal thus have to get it at a hardware store before installing it.
2) It’s quite heavy at 99 pounds hence difficult to carry up the stairs to install in bathrooms.
3) It has a slightly bigger footprint hence smaller bathrooms might find it a little big to accommodate it.
4) Tank lid is narrow hence cannot put much items on top for bathroom use.


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