Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Toilet

Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Reviews

For an easier way to remove waste completely without leaving anything behind, the Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax Toilet is all about efficiency to get the job done quickly without much problem. This highly-rated toilet from Toto incorporates G-Max Flushing System featuring extra-wide 3-inch flush valve to jet out powerful 1.6 gallons of water per flush to the bowl quickly for efficient cleaning and initiate powerful siphon action to pull waste down efficiently plus with the use of wider 2 1/8-inch fully-glazed trapway, you can rest assure that waste will be eliminated cleanly each time without worrying about clogging. What’s marvelous about this Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax toilet is that its bowl and tank are glazed inside out with catalyzed ion to create super-smooth SanaGloss surface that acts as a barrier so that bacteria, debris, mildew, mold and particles will not grow or stick there hence cleaning will always be easy (without using expensive chemicals) and for added comfort, comes with lid, molded bumpers and high-gloss, high-impact polypropylene plastic SoftClose seat incorporating built-in SoftClose hinge system so that seat will be lowered down gently and quietly towards the bowl thus there will be no such thing as “Toilet Seat Slam” that makes for satisfying toilet experience each time. For a quicker way to keep the toilet clean each and every time after use, the Toto MS854114SG-01 Ultramax toilet is definitely the way to go.


1) Constructed of high gloss polypropylene for resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents to keep toilet clean, especially below the waterline.
2) Easier to keep clean since it’s a one-piece toilet hence no need to worry about leaking between bowl and tank.
3) Elongated bowl design allows for more freeplay when urinating.
4) Incorporates G-Max’s siphon jet flushing action to deliver powerful 1.6 gpf of water to rinse clean bowl of waste completely.
5) Incorporates SoftClose smart seat technology which lowers the seat down to the bowl gently and quietly.
6) Installs easily without much problem since it’s a one-piece toilet.
7) Quiet during flushing so will not disturb anyone.


1) Bottom of the bowl is trapezoid-shaped, not round hence plunger does not fit seamlessly for it to work efficiently during clogging.
2) Clogs easily especially if the waste is big and hard.
3) Normal water level is low hence if there is large hard waste, time will not soften the waste hence flushing will not remove it.
4) Tank lid not molded to fit on top of the tank but uses Velcro on both sides to fit them together hence not really secure.


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